Welcome to our schools’ version

Let’s see what young leaders can do!

Welcome to the schools' version of Republic of You. This provides you with a fun, interactive way to introduce your class to the issues of global inequality. Use this game in conjunction with the accompanying teachers' pack.

We strongly advise that you read the teachers' notes prior to your students playing Republic of You and use the associated sessions to help them further explore issues raised by the game.

While in power, your students will:



Create their own nation, name it and design it a flag.



While leading their country, your students will make decisions about how fairly their citizens are treated.



They will be given an equality report showing them how their country and citizens have been affected by their decisions.



Throughout the game, students will have access to real life examples to help them think through the implications of their decisions and see themselves as global citizens.

Create a class

It only takes a few minutes to set this up:

First, register your class. You will then be given a unique link for each student that lets them access the quiz and return to it anytime. 



To keep your class safe, the quiz does not ask for any individual’s identity. Only you will be able to identify your students by using the unique country names they have chosen. This allows you to monitor their progress and see what they’re doing with their new found power.

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